Manufactures assay systems from human and animal biological materials for the industrial and academic research

Biopredic International is a biotechnology company founded in 1993. We manufacture assay systems from human and animal biological materials for Drugs, Cosmetics and Chemicals discovery and development.

What Biopredic does for you

  • Liver assay systems

    • Human and Animal Hepatocytes
    • HepaRG™ cell model
    • Non-parenchymal liver cells
    • Microsomes and S9 fractions
    • Silensomes
    • Cell culture reagents
  • Skin assay systems

    • Fresh and frozen skin sheets and discs
    • Skin cells
    • Skin microsomes and S9 fractions
    • Cell culture reagents

  • Blood assay systems

    Human and Animal
    • Whole blood

    • Plasma

    • Serum
    • Blood cells such as PBMCs

What is good to know

  • 400. Products distributed worldwide
  • 4. Production sites (France, USA, India)
  • Unique. Worldwide licensee of HepaRG™

Our Pledges

Biopredic is committed to supplying high quality biologicals.

  1. One stop shop

    We design sets of solutions to meet your needs.
  2. Performance

    We guarantee the adequate level of performance for your successful experiments.
  3. Safety

    We perform microbiological tests for the safety of your staff.
  4. Regulatory compliance

    We comply with International and National laws in matter of acquisition, handling, selling and shipping of biological products for research.
  5. Assistance

    We guide you at each step before and after sale.

Biopredic in India

In 2019, Biopredic launched a Joint Venture with Advancells, a technology company specialized in stem and cell therapy.

The Biopredic Advancells JV distributes cell products to industrial users regionally and is actively developing new cell therapy approaches.