Provides services for safety and fate assessment of drugs, cosmetics and chemicals.

Eurosafe is a French CRO with more than 30 years experience in toxicology and regulatory services.

What Eurosafe does for you

  • In Vitro Assays

    • Ingredients, API and finished products
    • Skin, ocular and other mucosal systems
    • Irritation, sensitization and phototoxicity
    • Transcutaneous passage
    • Descriptive and mechanistic hepatotoxicology
    • Drug Drug Interactions
    • Genomic readout: NGS and qPCR
    • LC-MS/MS, enzymatic assays, imaging, radioactive isotopes
  • Clinical trials

    • Finished cosmetics, medical devices
    • Tolerance and efficacy
    • Patch test, In-Use test
    • Instrumental and perceived assessment
    • With MDs: dermatologist, gynecologist, ophtalmologist
    • With beauty specialists: esthetician, hairdresser
  • Regulatory Toxicology

    • Cosmetic Ingredients
    • All finished cosmetics: shampoos, powders, creams, hairdyes, toothpastes
    • For adults, babies, toddlers and pregnant women
    • Borderline products between drugs, cosmetics and medical devices
    • In compliance with European, UK and Japanese regulations

Each year, we perform

  • +1200 In vitro assays
  • +400 In-Use tests
  • +1000 Safety assessments

Our Pledges

Eurosafe is committed to ensuring the safety of your cosmetics, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals.

  1. Regulatory compliance

    We make your cosmetics compliant with regulations and guidelines.
  2. ADMET Specialty

    We excel in the in vitro liver and skin ADMET-related techniques.
  3. Openness in Business

    We serve you in our or your premises, in commercial, collaborative or training modes.
  4. Consultancy

    We combine our scientific expertise with yours to leverage your projects.

Innovative achievements we are gently proud of

  • 90’s


    Pionneer in Drug drug interactions assays
  • 1992

    Predisafe assay

    Inventor of the Predisafe assay, neutral red release test. Tests published in 1995 at the “Journal Officiel de la République Française”.
  • 1992

    Inventor of Prediskin, in-vitro patch assay relying on cultured skin discs.

  • 2017

    Licensee of the SENS-IS assay, a skin sensitization test

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