Designs smart chemical probes and dedicated librairies, for pharmacokinetic
and safety assesment of xenobiotics.

Starlight is a spinoff of Orléans University founded in 2019. We synthetize innovative probes and we provide high quality ready-to-use chemicals for ADMET scientists.

What Starlight does for you

  • ADMET Products

    For CYP enzymes, Phase II enzymes, Transporters...
    • Substrates, metabolites, inhibitors, inducers
    • Fluorescent probes
    • Silencing probes
  • ADMET Libraries

    Ready-to-use: pre-weighed and diluted compounds
    • CYP substrates and metabolites
    • Phase II substrates and metabolites
    • Transporters substrates
    • Genotoxicity, Hepatotoxicity, Endocrin disruption

  • On-demand Chemistry

    Chemical biology solutions designed on-demand

    • Fluorescent labelling
    • Isotopic labelling
    • Enzyme silencing

Our Pledges

Starlight is committed to making easier your ADMET research.

  1. Specialists

    You are dealing with DMPK specialists and skin experts.
  2. Practicality

    Count on us from product ordering, usage to expiry.
  3. Solution-oriented

    Innovative products or commidities, single format or librairies, standard or customized services, we are driven by your needs.